Art & Soul™ Creative Arts Therapy

MJHS Creative Arts Therapy Program, Art & Soul™, began in 2006. Today it is one of the largest, most in-demand creative arts programs in New York. Our program employs specially trained and licensed music and art therapists to help meet the psychological and emotional needs of pediatric and adult patients as well as their families.

Our Art & Soul™ Program is made up of two components:

  1. Art Therapy, where family members, friends and patients ages 6-18 can participate in group or individual art legacy projects. Our licensed creative arts therapists incorporate and encourage the use of painting, drawing, storytelling, writing, photography and other approaches—as a way to facilitate important conversations. Art therapy can significantly decrease pain, anxiety and emotional distress, while improving quality of life.
  2. Music Therapy, the ‘soul’ component of our program, is available to patients and family members of any age. It provides a melodic support system. Participants choose the musical selections and style, allowing the music therapist to watch for and then address a host of responses and concerns, including joy, distress and pain—whether physical, spiritual, psychological or social.

Although these services are not covered by insurance, MJHS provides them because we know how much they improve quality of life.

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