Jewish Program

At MJHS we understand the different levels of religious observance. That’s why we offer a unique way of caring for our Jewish patients that acknowledges each person’s cultural beliefs and religious values. All our staff members are sensitive to Jewish religious and cultural practices. We can also assist with funeral planning and work with funeral homes and Chevra Kadisha. We have the unique ability to obtain electronic death certificates, which facilitates buriel within 24 hours of the patient’s passing. Some of our specific resources include:

  • Center for Jewish End of Life Care — a web based resource and knowledge center dedicated to facilitating conversations about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Jewish people affected by advanced and terminal illness. Visit the Center.
  • Halachic Pathway — for those who elect to participate, Halachic Pathway is a tool that assures a patient and their  family that a chosen rabbinic advisor, or Posek, will be included in the medical decision-making process.If the patient elects to participate in the program, he or she can receive end-of-life care that adheres to their personal religious practice and to Jewish law.
  • Holocaust Survivor Care — provides Holocaust survivors and their families with gentle, loving and peaceful care from staff who are sensitive to past experiences. MJHS Hospice is particularly aware of and attuned to the extraordinarily unique needs of Holocaust survivors due to the emotional, social and psychological pain and discomfort they experienced during the war years. We educate and sensitize our clinicians and professional caregivers about the survivor’s past traumas, as they often resurface during the end of life. We are committed to caring for Holocaust survivors with respect and compassion, which we also extend to second and third generation survivors. Social services have been supported, in part, by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the MJHS Foundation.

For more information on our Jewish program, call us at (212) 420-2844.