Pediatric Care

Today, as one of the largest and most respected pediatric programs in Greater New York, MJHS has a specialized team of physicians and nurse practitioners who are all board certified in hospice and palliative care. And our social workers, as well as creative art therapists, are licensed to provide age-specific psychological and emotional care for pediatric patients and their families. We are also one of the few programs in New York State to receive a Department of Health Pediatric Waiver, allowing MJHS to provide palliative care services to pediatric patients who are actively receiving curative treatment for their life-limiting medical condition.

Our pediatric patients receive emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support—to help them understand what’s happening and why, feel empowered, release feelings they should not bear alone and hold on to joyful feelings as well as memories. The range of services offered is tailored to fit the needs of each family. When possible, services are offered in the child’s home, where they are surrounded by the love and comfort of family.

Art & Soul™ Creative Arts Therapy
Our Art & Soul™ program is just one of the ways MJHS distinguishes its pediatric program. The creative arts therapy team supports the unique needs of our pediatric patients and family members, using music and art, plus other creative approaches. Our team creates a safe space for children and their families to create legacy projects; work through and express their emotions; receive age appropriate grief and loss support as well as counseling to develop healthy coping skills; and lay the groundwork for bereavement.

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